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Interview to Corderoy

Today we have the pleasure to bring you an interview to two of the best Trance producers at the moment, they are “Corderoy”, they are brothers and maybe for this reason they understand until the perfection and the result is a lot of great productions.

Solotrance had one of their productions as the number one of our top 12, the song was Sweetest Dreams and it represents Trance in pure state. Corderoy produce Trance as the style of the Classic Trance Anthems and this is the Trance style that we like it more for Solotrance (we love all trance styles), they are of UK and we had the pleasure of to make them an interview. Also we want to say you that they have in their site, two new works ( Corderoy – Simple Emotion and Corderoy – Born Again), this is an exclusive material for you that you can buy in their site.

After this short words we leave you with the interview to Corderoy, we hope you like it and if people write us we will put the interview also in Spanish.

Our sincerely gratefulness to the brothers Chris y Dale better known as “Corderoy”:

Today we have the pleasure to bring you an interview to two of the best Trance producers at the moment, they are "Corderoy", they are brothers and maybe for this reason they understand until the perfection and the result is a lot of great productions.

Interview to Corderoy

1º First this is a question we made to all artists we interview, define in few words who is corderoy for spanish people:

Dale – Corderoy is made up of two band members myself and my brother Chris.

Chris- We’re based in London in the UK. We mainly produce Trance music, but we have a lot of others styles which we’re moving into. Of course the word itself is our last name, so was the ideal name for the band.

2º Corderoy was formed in 1999. what did you push for to form Corderoy that year?

Chris- We formed in 1999 as we both felt it was time we should make a go of it, we came from different musical backgrounds but our skills complimented when working as a team so it was clearly time to start join forces.

Dale – It also was a lot more cost effective to invest in one studio rather than two!

3º Do you produce and play trance all the time or did you start out with another music style?

Dale – At the moment trance is are main output, but we are producing a lot of other styles, which will come about over the next few months through into next year.

Chris- Both our backgrounds come from playing and writing in live bands, which is something we want to do more of soon.

4º What did it mean sweetest dreams in your career?

Dale – It is such an emotional track, also to have some great remixes including one from Ferry made the whole package so special.

Chris- It was our first major commercial single release, so it was definitely a milestone for us.

5º And what did you think when you were producing sweetest dreams? (things that think an artist for to produce the song)

Dale – Sweetest Dreams was written whilst really hung over after a heavy night out on the beers! (That’s why it’s pretty emotional and uplifting!)

Chris- We had no idea where this track was going to go, so we just wrote something for ourselves not for a particular sound or market, which is how we go about writing tracks. Writing stuff we like to listen to!

6º Do you prefer to play in a club, reves… or to produce a new song?

Dale – Gigging out is great, but writing and producing music is where I get the most enjoying from

Chris- Working in the studio together is great, we get to bounce ideas off of each other. I love to DJ as does Dale, but recently we have done some live performances which really takes playing in a club to the next level.

7º What is the most important club or rave where you were playing?

Dale – Probably my first ever gig where only a hand full of people were in the club but they were all so up for it I still remember it to this day!

Chris- I think it would have to be Trance Generation at the Soundshaft, our debut London gig and also our first live performance.

8º What do you think as an artist when you see people dancing with a song produce by yourself?

Dale – It’s a great feeling, you can really connect with the crowd (A special moment for sure)

Chris- It is amazing to see people loving the music we are producing, it makes it all worth while!

9º your favourite dj?

Dale – I still hold a high regard for Judge Jules as DJ

Chris- Jules gets my vote.

10º your favourite producer?

Dale – I would have to say Vincent De Moor, but BT does some great stuff

Chris- I have always loved the work Hybrid produce, but recently Dogzilla have been awesome.

11º your favourite song?

Dale – Love to many to mention

Chris- John Lennon – Imagine

12º your favourite food?

Dale – Anything edable, but I do have a soft spot for the odd Thai curry

Chris- Thai red curry

13º your favourite colour?

Dale – Blue

Chris- I would have to say Blue also

Dale- Bloody copy cat 😉

14º your favourite animal?

Dale – Dog (Small, one that doesn’t bark all the time though)

Chris- Yorkshire or Scottish Terrior Dogs

15º and your favourite country for to travel?

Dale – I love to travel anywhere, the UK can get you down now and again with the constant crappy weather!

Chris- Kefalonia in Greece.

16º Many artist made a lot of remixes of some themes, your had some remixes, do you think is good for music to make a lot of remixes or you prefer to make new songs?

Dale – A bit of both I think, remixes are great to give a tune a new edge or a breath of fresh air, but I think on the whole new songs are more important to us.

Chris- I like to do remixes if we get the freedom on a track, but there is nothing better for me than writing your own.

17º Can you tell us about your new projects?

Dale – We currently have remixes coming out for Aaron Taylor ‘Let you go’ and Angelic ‘It’s my turn’

Chris – Also ‘Drifting’ is the our next follow up to ‘Deeper’ on a bit more of an experimental edge.

18º Tell us for spanish people all you want about your new release “deeper”:

Dale – Deeper was our first try at vocal trance and we were so happy with the outcome. It has been signed to Scott Bond’s label Made in England and has also been licensed to the USA.

Chris- We have recently started working with a very talented vocalist – Kirstie Gorton. We had the track down as an instrumental but it was such an anthem we though it worth producing a vocal to complement it and got Kirstie in to sing on it. Originally we sang the vocal to get some rough lyrics down, but as you can imagine Kirstie’s version is a lot better!!!

19º what do you think about the current trance scene in the world?

Dale – Trance music has been going on for years now and people keep saying especially the British media ‘Trance is dead….it’s just not cool any more’. I disagree, now and again it might die off for a bit and it has done, just about a year ago it did sort of died off, but you can really see its starting to come back again now.

Chris- Yeah I agree plus clubs are getting better because it’s becoming more underground and back to the source of what the whole clubbing scene is about. It will take time what with the change in music distribution on the internet. As soon as they can control illegal downloads the scene will begin to pick up again.

20º How is the music that produce Corderoy, define it for spanish people:

Dale – Anything that sounds great to the ear, we are very critical with our productions, if it doesn’t make us feel great then we pretty much bin it.

Chris- To sum up I would say we produce Classic Trance Anthems, you won’t forget a Corderoy track in a hurry.

21º at last you can say all you want to spanish people and all people that visit Solotrance:

Dale – Solotrance is a great community which keeps growing all the time, we are very keen to come over to DJ in Spain soon

Chris- We regularly check the sight out to see what is happening with the Trance scene in Spain, keep up the good work!

For more information on Corderoy check out


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