Noticias año 2019 · 19.10.2019 0

The Way That U R

Algo especial ha llegado al sello Amsterdam Trance de dos artistas increíbles. Robert Nickson ha estado incendiando el mundillo del Trance durante años con producciones meticulosas y un sonidos excelentes, es un placer unir fuerzas con el siempre talentoso Ellie Lawson para dar forma a ‘The Way That U R’. ¡Un track perfecto!

Instagram: AmsterdamTranceRecords

LYRICS I know you might not understand But I’ve promised to be here And I’m gonna stay Been part of your good days I can handle the bad To see you in weakness When you’re feeling sad So don’t try to change Just to be like them You’ve been hiding from life For so long I’ll be by your side I’m always so proud of you I’ll stand by you love The way that you are I’ll meet you where you are

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