El primer ASOT del radio show de Armin

ASOT Episode 1: 1-6-2001

22.00- 23.00

  1. Warrior- Voodoo (Oliver Lieb mix) (Incentive promo)
  2. Munity- Secrets (Ian Wilkie mix)
  3. Joker Jam- Innocense (Planisphere mix)
  4. Liquidation- Theme from Liquid (Marco V. mix) (Acetate)
    TUNE OF THE WEEK: 5. Sonic Inc.- Taste of Summer (Bonzai Promo)
  5. Natural Born Grooves- Kickback (TDR remix) (Spinnin’ promo)
  6. RR Workshop- 50K (promo)
    CLASSIC: 8. Ultimate Seduction- Ultimate Seduction
  7. System F. feat. Armin van Buuren- Exhale (new mix) (acetate)
  8. Blank & Jones- Tribal Attack

23.00- 0.00 -> Armin van Buuren Non-stop in the mix

  1. Drax & Scott Mac- Sublime (Darkstar remix) (Spot on)
  2. Orion- See me Here (Incentive)
  3. Praha presents Kian- Pachinko Part two (Platipus)
  4. Rising Star- Clear Blue Moon (Acetate)
  5. Ralphie B.- Massive (Blackhole promo)
  6. Members of Mayday (Paul van Dijk mix) (Promo)
  7. Rank1- Such is Life (Free for All-promo)
  8. S.O.L.I.S.- Dolphins (Classified Project remix) (Alien Promo)
  9. Armin- Blue Fear (Cyber Records)