Underworld - Born Slippy Drive boy dog boy Dirty numb angel boy In the doorway boy She was a lipstick boy She was a beautiful boy And tears boy And all in your innerspace boy You had Hands girl boy and steel boy You had chemicals boy I've grown so close to you Boy and... Leer más →

Piece by piece I release Once was mine Now undone. Turn blue, light blue or leave And then down like Southern Sun. I still feel you Beneath my skin I'm tempted to throw myself to sea. Cause it's easier to fly Than to face another night of Southern Sun And your love is all around... Leer más →

Flesh (Dj Tiesto Remix) Jan Johnston  Ahhh.. baby, i can hardly recognize myself mmmmmmmm.... touch me The light is going blue. Morning approaches. The pain´s still here. I´m empty - empty - empty. Sounds of the world, Of laughter and tears. I´ve nothing left. I´m empty - empty - empty. Heaven is forbidden But I´m... Leer más →

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