Craig Connelly feat Cammie Robinson – Run Away

Whether the three years since Craig Connelly album-debuted with ‘One Second Closer’ feels long or brief is almost academic. For Craig himself the duration’s provided the ultimate in transformative phases, seeing him punch up from promising name to major contender. With the arenas and festivals getting bigger and his music drawing evermore DJ air & set time though comes ever-greater expectation. That brings us to the ultimate of qualifiers: ‘A Sharper Edge’. Following the 8-million-Spotify-streams-and-counting ‘One Second Closer’, the album is another implicitly titled collection, alluding to Craig’s unlike-any-other approach.

Tracklist of album

  • 01. Craig Connelly – Sonic Grey
  • 02. Craig Connelly featuring Tara Louise – Time Machine
  • 03. Craig Connelly – California
  • 04. Craig Connelly featuring Karina Ramage – Life Half Lived
  • 05. Craig Connelly – Earth Dimension C-137
  • 06. Craig Connelly featuring Natalie Major – Watch The Way You Move
  • 07. Craig Connelly – Everyone Loves A Triplet
  • 08. Craig Connelly featuring Tara Louise – What Are You Waiting For
  • 09. Craig Connelly & Peter Steele – The Fire
  • 10. Craig Connelly featuring Alex Holmes – Anything Like You
  • 11. Craig Connelly & Factor B – Tranceatlantic
  • 12. Craig Connelly & Siskin – All For Love
  • 13. Craig Connelly & Will Rees – Inhale
  • 14. Craig Connelly featuring Cammie Robinson – Run Away

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